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Our trainers are also competitive athletes, so they have a unique understanding when it comes to helping you reach your fitness goals.  They will work closely with you to develop an overall understanding of fundamental things you will need to do in order to develop an effective exercise and workout routine.  They will work with you each and every step of the way. 

Our Trainers Include:

Christopher "Irish Goat" Knodel
Owner & Master Trainer

Chris began running in 2009, at 230 pounds.  He left the US Army in 1996 as a disabled veteran.  He battled depression, chronic smoking and alcoholism.  By his own admission, he then spent over a decade wallowing in self-pity and sloth.  Then, one day, he slid on a pair of running shoes and ran.  As he recounts in his upcoming book, he threw up twice on that run.  It has now been over 5 years since that first run; and he is still running!

As a result, Chris has recreated his entire life through running.  Every step he takes serves a purpose.  He has regained his health, sobriety, self-worth and pride.  Since those first footfalls, Chris has completed over 250 competitions, ranging from Ironman Triathlons and Powerman Duathlons, to ultra-marathons and stage races on an international level.  Chris is quick to point out that he doesn't race against others, he merely races against himself. 

Chris is currently an ultra-marathon and triathlon coach and conducts daily fitness classes and weekly run clinics.  He is a respected motivational speaker and writes a weekly fitness column for a print and online media outlet.  He is a published author and his new book will be released in May, 2014.

Chris truly believes that he never would have known that there was a world of trails, trees and mountains had he not gotten up, got out, and gotten fit, beginning with those first steps 5 years ago.  In fact, he fears that without running, he never would have lived at all.   



Chris Knodel